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Live Class

Organ Healing - Heart (1/26/2019)

Our organs are directly connected to our emotional and mental states of being. When we experience stress or other negative emotions, it causes pain in certain parts of the body and vice versa. Good news is that there’s a way to release this in a healthy way and create balance between the body and mind. Join our upcoming live class to experience the self-healing methods.

Live Class

Session 7: Finalizing Awakenings and Plans

Archive - We'll make a plan for a 120-year life based on the awakenings we've had along the way as we've worked through "I've Decided to Live 120 Years Personal Workbook." We'll also talk about how to live as an Earth Citizen and making authentic connection to others and the earth.


Create a Sacred Space with Hwangchil & Burning Incense

Discover the benefits of burning incense, the ancient history of hwangchil incense, and how burning hwangchil can enhance your physical and mental health.


Unwind Your Mind with Walking Meditation

If you’re looking for an alternative to seated meditation, add these walking meditation instructions to your daily routine and feel your mind ease.


Pineal Gland Meditation Card (Third Eye Enhancer)

The Pineal Gland Meditation Card (Third Eye Enhancer) is a wallet-sized meditation card with a holographic 3D image of the pineal gland and cosmic energy. Use it to enhance your meditation for better insight, concentration, creation, and spiritual connection.


LifeParticle Hologram Card

The 5x7in LifeParticle Hologram Card features a 3D sacred geometry image of the LifeParticle Sun designed by energy meditation expert, Ilchi Lee. It can bring your mind into a meditative state and bring out your innate potential to manifest your deepest wishes.


Heart-shaped Hot/Cold Pack

The Heart-shaped Hot/Cold Pack is a great tool to relieve tension and swelling in your body, improve circulation and digestion, relieve cold & flu symptoms and even headaches. The Heart Hot/Cold Pack is unscented and filled with white rice. Use hot after heating in a microwave or use cold after cooling in the freezer.

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