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Upper Back Bolster
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Product Description
Upper Back Bolster
The Upper Back Bolster is a remarkably simple, effective tool for back pain relief and spine realignment that anyone can use. Use the Upper Back Bolster for just 5 to 15 minutes a day and experience pain relief, relaxation, deeper breathing, and better posture.
  • Helps relieve tension in the back, chest, and shoulders.
  • Promotes deeper breathing by opening up your chest.
  • Helps you improve posture and overall alignment.
  • Helps to stimulate and strengthen internal organ function.
  • Leaves your upper back feeling open, refreshed and relaxed.
  • Helps develop greater range of motion.
Natural. Nothing to Plug in. No Side Effects
Achy back? You're not alone: more than 80 % of US population has back problems at some point according to studies. Western chiropractors and many traditional Asian medicine practitioners believe that health problems always relate in some way to the health of the spine, so keeping a healthy spine is foundational to good health. The Upper Back Bolster is a natural back pain remedy that helps you keep your spine healthy and aligned: nothing to plug in, no side effects from over-the-counter drugs, just your body needed.
Release pain
Helps You Release Back Pain and Muscle Tension
The curvature of the Upper Back Bolster is ergonomically designed specifically for the upper back. It supports the spine while also separating and expanding the vertebrae. It helps relieve back pain and muscle tension as well as the effects of compressed vertebrae from sitting or standing all day. With the assistance of your own body weight, the Upper Back Bolster eases stiffness while improving circulation and toning your back muscles.
deep breathing
Opens Your Chest and Promotes Deeper Breathing
While opening and relaxing your spine, the Upper Back Bolster also relaxes tension in the chest and sternum. This is a very common place to hold stress, especially caused by difficult emotions and relationship conflicts. Using the Upper Back Bolster to open up the chest will leave you breathing easier and provide a sense of open-hearted expansiveness.
Durable. Portable
Made with Premium Maple Wood
Upper Back Bolster
Maple wood
The Upper Back Bolster is carved from maple wood, one of the strongest types of wood in nature. It is sanded to a silky smooth, natural finish, and the corners are rounded for safety and comfort. This lightweight, yet strong wood can support the full upper body weight of any user, and lasts a lifetime.
Upper back meridians
Helps Better Energy Flow and Circulation in your Entire Back
The Upper Back Bolster works on the same principles as acupuncture and acupressure massage, which have been used for thousand years. According to these practices, pain and illness result from blockages in one's energy system. The Upper Back Bolster helps to release blockages and stimulates the flow of energy in your entire back by activating and balancing the energy points along your spine.
How to Use
How to use video
An Easy Way to Relax Your Entire Back with the Upper Back Back Bolster
  • To prepare, roll back and forth on your spine 10 times on a comfortable but firm surface to massage and relax the spine and muscles. Then, stand up and bounce up and down, releasing the tension and activating the senses of your whole body.
  • Carefully lie down on the Upper Back Bolster in a position that feels most natural and relaxing.
  • Stretch your arms up above your head, parallel to the floor, as you exhale tension. Then breathe comfortably, and slowly move your arms out and down to your sides, palms facing up. Repeat five times (like making a very slow snow angel).
  • With your arms straight out (making a 'T' shape with your body), breathe deeply into your chest and belly, and then breathe out, allowing your chest and abdomen to slowly deflate. Expand your chest as much as you can, and release your breath like a deflating balloon.
  • Slowly roll off the bolster to one side and place your hands, knees, and feet on the floor. Do 5 “cat stretches." Breathe in as you arch your back and lift your face to the sky, and exhale as you contract your back and rotate your face down to the ground.
wooden pillow
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Try the Wooden Pillow Experience online course and see 27 experiential, guided videos on how to use the Wooden pillow for head-to-toe healing with acupressure specialist, Donna Lovong as your talented and compassionate instructor.
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Product Summary
Use the Upper Back Bolster for just 5 to 15 minutes a day and experience pain relief, relaxation, deeper breathing, and better posture.

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